pic|ture1 W1S1 [ˈpıktʃə US -ər] n
6¦(mental image)¦
7 put/keep somebody in the picture
8 get the picture
9 out of the picture
11 be the picture of health/innocence/despair etc
[Date: 1400-1500; : Latin; Origin: pictura, from pictus, past participle of pingere 'to paint']
shapes, lines etc painted or drawn on a surface, showing what someone or something looks like
The room had several pictures on the walls.
a book with pictures in it
picture of
I like that picture of the two horses.
draw/paint a/sb's picture
Draw a picture of your house.
He asked her permission to paint her picture (=paint a picture of her) .
a photograph
picture of
That's a great picture of you, Dad!
take sb's picture/take a picture of sb
I asked the waiter if he'd mind taking our picture.
wedding/holiday etc pictures
Would you like to see the wedding pictures?
an image that appears on a television or cinema screen
picture of
upsetting pictures of the famine in Africa
satellite pictures from space
4.) ¦(DESCRIPTION/IDEA)¦ [C usually singular]
a description or idea of what something is like
picture of
Once the research is complete, we'll have a clearer picture of the outcome.
an overall picture of the country's health needs
What sort of picture is starting to emerge ?
paint a bleak/happy/rosy etc picture
(=describe something in a particular way)
The film paints a bleak picture of life in the inner city.
The article gives a vivid picture of the way artists at the studio collaborated.
Detectives are trying to build up a picture of the kidnapper.
5.) ¦(SITUATION)¦ [singular]
the general situation in a place, organization etc
The worldwide picture for tribal people remains grim.
the wider political picture
Checks throughout the region revealed a similar picture everywhere.
big/bigger/wider picture
We were so caught up with the details, we lost sight of the big picture (= the situation considered as a whole) .
6.) ¦(MENTAL IMAGE)¦ [C usually singular]
an image or memory that you have in your mind
Sarah had a mental picture of Lisbon.
He had a vivid picture in his mind.
7.) put/keep sb in the picture
to give someone all the information they need to understand a situation, especially one that is changing quickly
I'm just going now, but Keith will put you in the picture.
8.) get the picture informal
to understand a situation
You've said enough. I get the picture.
9.) out of the picture
if someone is out of the picture, they are no longer involved in a situation
Injury has effectively put Woods out of the picture as far as international matches are concerned.
a film
It was voted the year's best picture.
b) the pictures [plural] BrE
the cinema
Would you like to go to the pictures?
11.) be the picture of health/innocence/despair etc
to look very healthy etc
Head bowed and sobbing, she was the picture of misery.
pretty as a picture atpretty2 (7)
picture 2
picture2 v [T]
1.) to imagine something by making an image in your mind
Tom, picturing the scene, smiled.
picture sb/sth as sth
Rob had pictured her as serious, but she wasn't like that.
picture sb doing sth
I can't picture him skiing. He's so clumsy!
picture what/how
Picture what it would be like after a nuclear attack.
2.) [usually passive]
to show someone or something in a photograph, painting, or drawing
She is pictured with her mum Christine and sister Kelly.
3.) [usually passive]
to describe something in a particular way
be pictured as sth
She's been pictured as a difficult, demanding woman.

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